Corona Virus Essentials

Some States are Lifting Restrictions — Do You Have Your COVID-19 Essentials?

Just because states are reopening to the public doesn’t mean the coronavirus ceases to spread. 


The coronavirus has proven its power. 

It spreads easily and affects our breathing - it limits our contact with friends and family - it shuts down some of our favorite places and keeps us inside.

With cases still increasing and the number of deaths yet to halt, we want to make sure we’re all doing everything we can to contribute to the recovery of this pandemic.

But as the economy slowly opens in some states, the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading among others rises. So, make sure you have these essentials, protect yourself, and protect your loved ones from the coronavirus.

1. You need face masks.

Yes, you need face masks. 

Whether you sneeze or cough, face masks decrease the likelihood of the virus spreading through the air or landing on objects.

Think about it. 

You’re shopping around in the grocery store and you make your way into the produce aisle looking for tomatoes - loose or packaged. And just like everyone else, you pick through the tomatoes to find the freshest ones.

However, just seconds ago, someone else was picking through the fresh tomatoes. But that person had just finished letting a big sneeze blow right into their hands. 

They covered their face, but not in the most protective manner. From their nose to their hands, from their hands to the tomatoes, any virus or bacteria that person had is now on YOUR HANDS.

Next thing you know you’re scratching your nose, you’re wiping something off your shirt, and you’re grabbing your phone. Depending on the environment, the coronavirus, in particular, can live several hours - EVEN DAYS - on given surfaces. 

So yes. You need face masks. And quality does matter, so be sure to shop around and choose one that either comes with a filter or allows you to insert one. Filterless masks can make breathing feel stuffy, quickly.  


2. You need to wash your hands with soap and water. 

Remember in elementary school, they taught us how to wash our hands? We either sang happy birthday or our ABC’s as we scrubbed those bad germs away.

Well, we hope you remember those songs. Because right now, washing your hands is the best defense mechanism you have from contracting and spreading COVID-19. 

Here’s some good news.

You don’t have to use specific antibacterial soap to get the job done. The CDC informs us, FDA issued a final rule in September 2016 that 19 ingredients in common “antibacterial” soaps, including triclosan, were no more effective than non-antibacterial soap and water and thus these products are no longer able to be marketed to the general public.” 

But, and this is a very important but - you must scrub for no less than 20 seconds. Studies have shown the longer you wash, the more microbes you’re able to remove from your hands. 


3. You need disinfectants to clean your home.

As clean as we all admit our homes to be, we still want to make sure we’re disinfecting it properly. Remember, the coronavirus can live hours and hours on different surfaces. 

Now don’t get frantic and shower your home with bleach. Clean it as you normally would, but it with a little extra touch to make sure you’ve killed any traces of COVID from when you were outside. 

Also, be very cautious with the chemicals you’re handling. Be sure to follow instructions and don’t mix different disinfectants as they can release harmful fumes when blended together. 


The war on COVID-19 isn’t over yet. 

Some people are very excited for restrictions to ease; though it doesn’t mean we can relax and put our feet up just yet. 

The coronavirus continues to be contagious and it continues to take lives away. Let’s continue to practice social distancing, go to public places only if needed, and keep your essentials handy. 

If you’re having trouble finding some of these essentials, feel free to take a look at our product page, or simply click on the featured products below. 

Remember everyone: Stay safe and stay healthy!




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KN95 Face Mask

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